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Crypto & Blockchain Sponsorship Opportunities | Branding in Web 3

Crypto & Blockchain Sponsorship Opportunities | Branding in Web 3

Blockchain sponsorships can come in many forms, some popular sponsorships strategies that crypto projects use for branding in the web 3 space include; product placements, event sponsorships, content marketing, and social media influencer marketing.

Product placements involve sponsorships from blockchain companies to implement their product or brand in films, TV shows, video games, music videos, artwork including NFTs and more. Event sponsorships refer to sponsoring events related to cryptocurrencies such as conferences, hackathons and meetups. Content marketing is when a cryptocurrency company creates content for websites, forums and social media networks to promote the blockchain project’s vision or initiate conversations around the brand. Influencer marketing is when a blockchain company uses influencers on social media networks such as Twitter and YouTube to spread information about the crypto project they are working with.

Here are the most popular formats of sponsorship marketing:

Events and Conferences

Companies can sponsor an event such as a conference or hackathon to gain brand visibility and attract new customers. Popular formats of branding at blockchain related events include:

  • Presentations/Interviews
  • Booths

Content Marketing – Publications

Content marketing is one of the most popular forms of sponsorships that brands utilize today. Content marketing consists of creating content that will drive traffic to your website and generate leads. Popular formats of branding using blockchain related publications include:

  • Interviews/Q&As
  • Sponsored collaboration pieces (such as blog posts, podcasts and videos)

Influencer Marketing

This form of sponsorship involves working with influencers who have built a large following by creating content related to your industry or product area. By doing so, you can use their influence to spread awareness about your product and services to their followers. Popular formats of branding using blockchain content creators include:

  • Key Opinion Leaders
    • Interviews/Discussions
    • Collaborations and Endorsements
    • Advisory participation
  • Social Media Content Creators
    • AMAs
    • General sponsorships
    • Reviews & mentions
    • Interviews

Sponsors can help add credibility to a brand

Sponsors are used for many different purposes and reasons. Sponsors help to provide extended reach for a brand. With extended reach, a brand can grow faster, share news to a larger audience, generate more sales, and attract a larger following and user base. Sponsors can help to add credibility by showing their willingness to collaborate and support your brand. Sponsorships are a powerful marketing tool that blockchain companies use to promote their projects and digital assets.