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Press Release Distribution for Web 3 Companies in the Crypto Space

Press Release Distribution for Web 3 Companies in the Crypto Space

Distributing a press release is an essential part of any successful public relations or marketing strategy. This holds true in the blockchain and web 3 space. By taking advantage of the wide reach and influence of popular media outlets, companies can use press releases to share important information about their news and announcements with current and potential customers in order to boost brand and product awareness, build trust, and increase the size of their community. Distribution services are a great way for organizations to effectively get their message out there.

Web 3 credibility in PR

Web 3 credibility and public relations is a crucial element for crypto organizations that wants to maximize their reputation and foster a strong community base. Public relations teams can utilize web 3 press release distribution services to quickly distribute news in a matter of days or hours to showcase near realtime news about their brand.

A credible and trustworthy distribution service is key in the web 3 space, especially if you plan on making payments in cryptocurrencies. Working with a credible PR team will give you peace of mind, increase online trustworthiness with your community, and in turn give your organization greater visibility on both and national and international stage.

Press release distributions give the power to build relationships with customers through the sharing of important and relevant corporate news while being in control of the message that you wish to portray.

Top web 3 PR distribution service

UPM Agency is an international web 3 marketing agency that provides innovative and cost effective promotions and PR distribution channels to brands and services operating in the crypto niche. UPM Agency has established itself as one of the leading agencies in the world when it comes to trustworthiness in web 3 news coverages.

UPM Agency has worked with a wide range of clients including Unicrypt, Benchmark Protocol, Originality AI, e Money, and Umbrella Network. The UPM team comprises of experienced professionals within the blockchain industry providing digital marketing advice and services for influencer marketing, press release distribution, earned media placements, tier 1 global media features and interviews, and branded spokesperson services.

When is the best time to publish a press release

The best time to publish a web 3 press release is generally in the morning, as many external media outlets have news reporters that come on duty in the morning and will sift through the days top news stories. If you are looking for maximum level exposure, Monday  or Tuesday will typically be the best options to have a press releases be sent out. You should do your best to avoid sending out press releases on weekends or on major holidays when most people aren’t working, as your news will get less attention.