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Acquiring New Clients for a Web 3 Marketing Agency

Reaching out to prospective clients can seem a bit overwhelming and daunting at first, but you will see that it can be done both efficiently and affordably. by following this step-by-step process, you can develop a strong marketing outreach plan that will help you to acquire new clients for your web 3 blockchain marketing agency.

Identifying Your Target Audience

One of the first things you need to do is to get to know who your target audience is. Knowing your audience is a big key to successful outreach. If you are spending your time reaching out to the wrong audience then you will not get successful results which will deter you in proceeding with your business.

You should start by understanding who your ideal client is and what they need from a service such as yours. To do this you can conducting market research, analyze your competitors, and examine your own strengths, weaknesses and service/product offerings to identify your target audience. This will allow you to tailor your message to your target audiences specific needs and increase the chances of having quality conversations that lead to conversions.

Crafting Your Outreach Message

You need to create a message that will get the recipient to engage back and remember you. If you can achieve a strong response rate then you will likely achieve success. Getting responses is half the battle, if you are able to do this the next step may by fine tuning the pricing and offerings of your products/services.

Your message should be clear, concise, and memorable. The recipient should not have to decipher and guess what your message means. Make your selling points  stand out a bit more through bold text and explain in a very simple way how you can solve a problem for your target clients. Make sure your brand services and message is consistent across all outreach channels and that it resonates with your target clients.

Building an Outreach List of Prospects

Narrow in and create an outreach list of your top prospects. To do this you can use tools like LinkedIn, Crunchbase, web 3 business directories, and niche company websites to identify potential clients. If you are in a position where you can use your existing network to find leads then that can be a good way to jump start your outreach with already earned credibility. Once you have a list of target prospects, the next step is to further research them and narrow the list down to the most promising leads and prioritize them based on their potential value.

Selecting the best communication channels

There are many communication channels that you can use to reach your target clients. You can add new connections on LinkedIn and share a note introducing yourself. You can send a cold email to see if any traction is made that way. You can reach out on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. In the web 3 space many projects have Telegram groups where you can request to talk to a projects marketing admin or team member. Furthermore many projects utilize discord where they have team support channels that can be used to introduce yourself and share your projects and services.

Making Initial Contact

Personalize your outreach

It is important to personalize your initial outreach. Most likely these prospects are getting numerous sales pitches a day. You should address your target prospect by name and show that you have done some research and understand their business.

Be clear and to the point

Keep it relatively short and to the point. You should try to communicate your outreach proposition in a compelling and straightforward way.

Offer something of value

Provide the prospect with something they will find useful. This can be actionable insights that they will find interesting or something such as a media deck that demonstrates your services and expertise.

Once you are in contact with a prospect it is important to continue to gradually nurture the relationship and build up trust. You should follow up regularly and stay in contact to keep the lead alive. Respond in a timely manner and don’t let the conversation fade away. Ask questions to learn more about their company, products/services, and what needs you may be able to help with. When the time is right offer to help and provide solutions to their needs.

Converting the Target Prospect

Identify key decision makers

Try to communicate with the person who holds decision-making power. There is not much use in talking to people who will not relay your message and have no say in what a companies budget get’s spent on. Do your research and ask if you are speaking to the person in charge of this department for your related services.

Address uncertainties and objections

Pay attention to things that may concern your prospect and reassure them that you are the right person to help them with their needs.

Build a sense of urgency

Inquire on what their timeline is so they start to create a time based plan if they have not already. Let them know that it is important to plan ahead and organize everything to achieve higher success. Set a deadline for your offering or create a small discount for a commitment within a certain time period.

Request the Sale

When the time is right and your conversation has built up trust. You can ask for the sale. Ask with confidence and be direct.


Attracting and closing new clients can take time. Try not to be deterred by low response rates and low conversion rates. The more you tinker with your formula and improve your approach the higher your success rate will be. Consider following the steps outlined in this post to increase your chances of landing your target web 3 clients.