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Evrylife foundation web 3 social explorer app

Evrylife Foundation

Web 3 Social Explorer - a NEW type of decentralized social media application

Evrylife is a decentralized social media application being built by the Evrylife Foundation. The Evrylife Foundation is a non profit organization in Canada.

The Evrylife application can be used to create, manage and own a web 3 identity/reputation. Users can build a following, connect and communicate with one another, store, organize and share content, buy and sell from one another, and govern the application as a community.

Visit the Evrylife Foundation website here -

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1 review
  • Kelley R

    We need web 3 decentralized social media where we can own our own social graph, digital media, identities, and reputation. Looking forward to being able to use the Evrylife web 3 explorer!

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