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Sequoia capital


We help the daring build legendary companies.

Sequoia, 1972 and beyond

The creative spirits. The underdogs. The resolute. The determined. The outsiders. The defiant. The independent thinkers. The fighters and the true believers.

We partner early—sometimes when a company is no more than an idea. We know these crucial first decisions can have an exponential influence on the curve of success.

Our team is small. We prefer a few people with diverse strengths focused on a small number of companies, and we are always mindful of lessons learned — some painfully — that are eternal truths. Our network is strong. Our advantage comes from five decades of legendary founders helping each other.

Long ago we made nonprofits the backbone of our limited partner base. Working for these charities brings intense meaning to what we do. It gives us a heightened sense of responsibility.

We’re serious about our work, and carefully choose the words to describe it. Terms like “deal” or “exit” are forbidden. And while we’re sometimes called investors, that is not our frame of mind. We consider ourselves partners for the long term.

We help the daring build legendary companies, from idea to IPO and beyond.

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